Wednesday, May 03, 2006


She wanted to go out that day,
Just like that, for a change, a stroll....
She looked outside, and frowned,
Nature had decided against her decision.
For she saw dark clouds, outside her window.

She didnt stop to think,
"Whether it was indeed cloudy outside,
Or was it simply the tinted windows?"
and she stayed indoors.....

PS:we could Learn to look at the world from the other side
and not through the tint of your perception...

Open the window, open your heart!


Anonymous said...

She didn't go out because she saw the dark clouds .Poor she!! not knowing how to be joyous in life !!! What else could be more inviting and exciting for a stroll ???...

Opening the window is just one more widening to have a look outside . I would prefer to be outside :-)

monu said...

would love to have ur name!

well, some enjoy the rain..and some are scared of thunderstorms!!!!!!!!

Loga said...

Again a gud one...
Thats right, It always depends on which side of the window we are...

Prabu Karthik said...

good that she did not venture out!!
namma oorile madhiyanam veyilla ponaa avlo dhaan

Anonymous said...

hmm.. monu,
May be she liked the rainy clouds and didnt want it to be proven just an illusion... so she stayed indoors to continue looking at the rainy clouds:)

I would have done one of two things(while continuing to walk outside..):
- wishing that it will rain warmly so that i can get drenched;)(but damn the pollution!)
- wished i had a camera..

Anonymous said...

In this chennai weather, don't you think that dark clouds are a welcome sight?

Anonymous said...

You can call me B.

would love to have ur name!

well, some enjoy the rain..and some are scared of thunderstorms!!!!!!!!

That remainds me of something

" Be it a mizzling drizzle
Be it a majestic monsoon
Be it a harsh hailstorm
Be it a chaotic cyclone
Rain is an inherent beauty"

Adding one more line for you at the end

"I am safe at home"

:-) - just kidding.


Jeevan said...

I like to go out if the skys are cloudy. good :)

Jayan said...

I hate to go out when it rains

My case is 'Where there is a (vaana)vil, there is NO WAY !!'

Prabhu said...

I too love to go out in the rains.
Sad she decided against going!

smiley said...

Life is like a rainbow. You need both the sun and the rain to make its colors appear.

monu said...

yep! we need the sorrow and the joy!!

She was scared..well, it wasnt cloudy, her windows were tinted..most times, we misunderstand things beacuse of our perception..thats what i wanted to say!

I dont mind going home all wet but cant go to work that way....

Thanks! Do u like it if it rains?

me too!!! safe at home..
well i was just using the cloud to talk about perception....lets say, you look at a cloud through tinted windows, they look dark to u even if they my point?

that was beautiful interpretation...maybe she just wanted the illusion to continue to be there....

anubhavam pesudhaa?

yes..which side are we on...can ew change sides? sometimes it matters...

Anonymous said...


Your analogy was very clear even at the first read.

What i am trying to convey is

"If you wanted to go for a stroll why to hold back for a dark clouds or a heavy downpour when there is a whole new experience waiting for you outside :-) "


monu said...

u r right!!!!

Anonymous said...


I wish next time even the real dark clouds shouldn't hold you back when you want to go for a stroll.


Known Stranger said...

She stepped out with open heart
smile in her face to tear off
the clouds in mind
with eyes in veil to cover
the pain she been with , last night

She couldnt stop worrying
curling her dark cloudy hair
weather too was in her moods
with tears to pour
as it was in her eyes.

Weather could know her
rather her man in her heart
deep inside her triggering
the thunders and lighting
to get his warmth