Friday, April 21, 2006


Signs of Over-usage of computer:

1. You are looking at a piece of paper in your hand and are searching to locate a particular word, when your mind suggested that you do a CTRL + F, and you can actually visualize the Search window…….

2. You are dictating a document to someone, and you want to instruct them to write on the next line, and so you say, “ENTER..ENTER…” . The other person is bewildered now and looks at you like you are genetically modified, and you still don’t get it!!!!!!

Good News!

My sis gave birth to a cute baby boy on 19th. I am going to call him Sriram. His official name is yet to be decided…..


ada-paavi!!!! said...

u call ur nephew one peru and official peru innonu, he will be confused, paavam andha kozhandhai

monu said...

hey, thats how all of u are....
i have three names u know..i have an official name, one name in my faher's side of the family, one name in my mother's side of the family..and an official name..

i almost didnt make it thru my passport verification due to this...

but anyways tradition continues....

Jeevan said...

Congrats Monu, to become a Chithi (aunty), pass my wishes to your sister:) your computer tips are very useful.

Schrodingers cat said...

Best wishes to your sis. If you are looking for names, you should probably consider 'Rishab'. I am sure everyone in the house will come up with a add my contribution to that list.


keerthi said...

hey ! Same pinch !!

wises to seeram ! (like calling that way!)

Anonymous said...

Congrats (monu ??;)...
The fresh life...nothing like it:)
Sriram is a good name... but u are going to shorten it further arent u? ;)?

Prabhu said...

Thats funny, I know I have done the "Enter" thing.

Congrats Chitheeeeeee...... aayittenga pola?

Loga said...

Congrats Chithi, by the way whats the official name?

smiley said...

congrats, now you have something more interesting than a laptop to play with :)

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monu said...


guess what manoj, one of our classmate's sister's kid was born a few days before my sister's kid and they have decided to call that kid "Rishab"!!!!

Anyways, my sister's MIL decided the is Bharadwaj..and thanks for the suggestion..i like taht name.

i do call him the way u said it!

will u beleive it if i say that i call the kid, "Chuttukku"...funny sounds come out when mature adults see a kid..wat say?


The official name is "Bharadwaj" decided by sis's MIL

@Smiley true...spent three days totally at home with the kid!

Anonymous said...

yeah! I think that is what kids understand(!) anyway;)
But i wonder if we will use such names(?!) if we hadn't observed other adults do the same thing?
Funny stuff:)

monu said...

i wonder too