Wednesday, April 19, 2006

One of my many coffee adventures

Why can't i ever blurt out something intelligent?
Whenever it is that my brain works and i ask something, it ends up being stupid....
Guess Murphy never deserts me...........

A few friends and me were having coffee in office, when prabhu karthik walked in.
Talks somehow turned to meetings... Prabhu Karthik was telling us as to how a particularly long meeting came to an end, thanks to the alarm...

Stupid me should have kept quiet. But i had to think "out of box" and blurt something , and so i blurted, "Wow, do u have an alarm in the meeting, indicating that the time's up?"

Well, he was referring to the fire-alarm...

The other guyes where laughing their heads off at the idea of an alarm in the meeting that goes tringggggggggggg......... when the time's up..

And i wished i had been an ostrich, i would have dug a hole in the ground and hid my head in that!

PS: will reply to comments as soon as i are not going to beleive it if i say i am busy, are you?


Schrodingers cat said...

I prefer staying silent rather than opening my mouth and letting others know that I'm a fool.

Busy setting up alarms all over the office eh?


Prabhu said...

That would have been funny!
Guess they will reremember this incident whenever in a big gathering - "Monu had a great idea of setting up alarms to indicate the meeting is over".

Rebound said...

Now thats an enjoyable post !

Jeevan said...

alarm in meeting! good office.

Anonymous said...

lemme see...
I first of all dont drink cofee... so no coffee breaks...hee hee;)
I used to wish i were an ostrich a lot of times...
The difference between an intentional joke and an unintentional one is just that: one was intentional the other unintentional...U feel bad about one sometimes...The other actully makes people like u more...All depends on whether u think clowning is bad as job/identity:)
U just have to tell yourself that it was an intentional joke.. or just learn to reap the benifits:)
I personally long to see fellow ostriches..we are the people spreading around laughter for free :)
Now on, u will either hate this idea so much that u will be very careful or make peace with being an ostrich sometimes and have fun (Guess u are already making the best of it:by posting it in this blog!:)

smiley said...

people do set their phones for an alarm with the ringing tone and walk out of a boring meeting with the excuse of attending a call... or get their friends to give them a call... :)

monu said...

thanks for that idea!

the feeling of finding someone like me is simply great
join the club!

it has to be good, i am working there na


yep!people sure do remember our embarassing moments!
all is fine for a few laughs, i guess!

welcome back
checked out ur blog,good one...

but too much silence is not good right?
sometimes i wish i did that, but then this is me..

Prabu Karthik said...

unakku school ninaippu! angey dhaaney hour mudincha udaney 'bell' adikkum!!

ellam irukaradhu dhaan!:)

monu said...

enakku vayathula kooda bell adikkum!

Schrodingers cat said...

'but too much silence is not good right?'

Maybe, I'm Anthropophobic...So I really dont know. :)


Jayan said...

Whenever u say something silly, make it sound like it is a bon mot. You shud have the air that makes people think that they were not smart enough to understand your hidden wit :)