Tuesday, May 23, 2006

On that supportive stranger, i could have been friends with....

I took you for granted,
Like you would always be there,
where i always find you,
just to listen to that silly thing , i say,
just for that, and nothing more....

I would Suddenly giggle,
turn around and find you there,
and tell you that amusing thing,
whether you like to hear it or not!!!
And yes, ofcourse,
you would be polite enough to listen!

And then, one of those days,
i turned around to see,
that you were not there...

I felt a sudden vaccuum,
a sudden guilt pang,
which asked me one question-
Why didn't i make an effort to know you,
before you moved away someplace, i know not........


Prabhu said...

Thats always the rule - you realise the importance only if you dont have it by you!!

Kaps said...

can u enable the delivery of the full RSS feed in your blogger settings?

monu said...

yep....not just the importance, but sometimes, we dont know, what was it that was by our side....

There is something called Publish site feed, and it says, full....

pls let me know if i need to do anything else

i am not familiar with that

Anonymous said...

I am a bit curious here .

"What difference do you think that just knowing that person better would have made ?"


monu said...

just so we don't regret at not having really known someone. just like that

Anonymous said...


Now i think i had got it more clearly so the problem is not that you have not known the person better rather it is because that you are regretting for what you have or haven't done .

I don't have to tell you that regretting doesn't make any difference to what has happened .



Anonymous said...

Hmm.. I have no answer here..
or may be there is one... : no matter how much we get to know a person, we will never fully know them... plus what u know of a person today need not be remain true tomorrow... so unless we are with that person frequqently enough and keep refining our understanding, the knowledge is already outdated(but never complete), isn't it:) ?
unless... what that person was at the time we get seperated from them could have been something worth knowing..even if the person changed later, that knowledge could be useful in lots and lots of ways...
.. hmm.. i will have to repeat the last stanza of your poem here.

TheMindInTheHeart said...

sort of stumbled across your blog. Found it intriguing and thought id invite you to visit my blog. Keep up the writings :)

Known Stranger said...

hi... this is one best like what i would like to write. if i had know you write like this - i would have taken a differnt style to pen my scribblings