Thursday, May 25, 2006


They were newly married and very much in love. Every evening, they would indulge in mundane conversations about the day , that was.

Yet another day, yet another conversation…

“So what happened today?”, he asked.

“You know my friend, Sheela? I spoke with her a long time today, regular girly gossip”, She giggled.

“hmm…So how is she?”, he asked

“Fine and extremely happy. And guess what? She is getting married very soon. Infact her engagement is in a few weeks.”, she spoke with excitement., and continued talking , without noticing her husband’s reactions.

“And..”, she said, “Seems the guy's people are pretty modern, or rather not all that orthodox..Seems they didn’t insist that she pierce her nose and wear nose ring and all…”

He didn’t comment, he just looked at the single-stone-simple-“mookuthi” that she was wearing.

“And she says, she wouldn’t wear the nose stud anyways, it wont go with all the clothes that she wears, or so she says…pretty broad minded too, it seems, her in-laws….and guess what? , seems they are buying her a diamond set, necklace, earrings and all, lucky girl!!!!”, she said

"So, was she jealous? Was she unhappy?", he pondered....

In her excitement to share the news about her friend, the young wife didn’t notice that her husband was no longer that happy man, he was, when the conversation began.

He went away on the pretext of having something else to do. She didn’t guess that something was wrong.

Later in the night, when he hadn’t yet told his part of the day’s tale, she asked him if anything was wrong.

He looked at her, with a little sad puppy dog face,and asked, “So, do you think you are unlucky?”

She reached out to touch his hands and said, “No, I am the luckiest, I have you!!!”


Risha said...

Thatz a pie of reality that you ve given :-)
Luckiest is the one lucky in love.

Fathima said...

Nee mookuthi matter-a indha alavukku develop pannitayaa.
I understand u'r concern. But considering ur case, u/ur wud b dont have to worry abt Mookuthi.

karthik said...

la la la la la la la la la la lal a
engal veetil ella nalum kaaarthigai.....engal veetil endrum illai theipirai....

got the same effect reading this ....
just kidding

Anonymous said...

May i ask who is that "Lucky YOU" ?



Anonymous said...

I second B.

Nice to see that Fathima is active and well:).. Hi there Q!

monu said...


just imagination!'


imgination shoudl spring from somewhere right?


Delhi_tamilan said...

good short story.... i like it!

Jayan said...

@Karthik : Nice comment :)

monu said...



Prabhu said...

Mookuthi-yin ponkeethu raathiriku podhum :)
Nice story!

smiley said...

in real life
“So, do you think you are unlucky?”

“No, I am the luckiest, I have you!!!” is that true?

Known Stranger said...

felt like i am reading a page of men are from mars and woman are veunsu by robert greene.

i serious recoomend you publish your works

and please give me one with your original autograph on it

Anonymous said...

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Painting said...

Yeah such a beautiful love :) That boy is the lukiest person because , because of such beautiful wife he has :) cute :)