Sunday, February 26, 2006

When I put your joys and sorrows over and above my own, my dear………..

She sits there very much the kid that she has always been. She is of smallish built with that childish innocence still shining in her eye. Her peels of laughter would resonate all over…she laughed her heart out..very much like that kid next door.

Everything about her was childish, you would think that she would be in final year of college. But no, she is 24 and about to be a mother. You would look at her and wonder, how would this child manage a child of her own……

Months would pass by and she would be easily tired. Jut one of those days, she took heavy steps, the baby was growing real fast. She switched on the television and began channel surfing.

“Premature summer…”, one of those news channels was screaming.

She frowned at that. You knew the baby was expected in may. You would have thought that heat would add to her fears. This was afterall her first delivery.

And while you are thinking as to how she would cope the delivery and the summer, she speaks from her heart….

“I don’t want my baby to suffer……”

And you know she is ready to be a mother….


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there is a child in ever body. good friend.:)

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