Friday, February 17, 2006

About our little inadequecies

She was the calm one.
It intrigued me as to how she could be,
Come any storm, there was that perennial smile.

I would worry and worry,
In an unending loop, in my attempt,
To find that security, I long for.
I am afraid of any insecurity, whatsoever..

And while I run through this obsessive hell,
She would be calm as a breeze,
In a garden full of flowers……

I once asked her, more out of curiosity,
Than out of an effort to change,
“How can you be so calm?”

She smiled her ever-so-angelic smile
And told me,
“Worrying doesn’t improve things, Does it?”

I have asked her a lot many more too,
She would have a smiling answer for one and all.
God made her so perfect, I thought…..
And contemplated upon my own learnings,
From life’s experiences…

Then one day, I saw her pondering..
“What is it?”, I asked her, carelessly,
Knowing well, nothing would bother her much….
She was the calm one.

She looked at in me, in what must be,
Her one little moment of weakness, and said
“I don’t know what to do…”

Sometimes I talk without thinking,
And told her, “Just live in this moment,
And do what feels right to you,
Bothering not about the outcome,
But just doing the job…..”

She looked at me, in new light , I suppose.
For I was always the confused one,
With little learning from life’s lessons.
But I guess, I spoke some sense then.

I didn’t know it till she told me,
That my little talk helped.
It sure felt nice…

And deeper thought told me,
That we all have our moments of weakness,
And indeciveness, and actions leading to mistakes.
But then these are our life’s experiences.
My one mistake could be a valuable life lesson,
For that friend of mine,
Yet to make that mistake.

And finally, we are but,
Angels to one-another!


Anonymous said...

Good one:)
Just makes me wonder "does every human think about only such stuff?".

May be its just a part of being "human":) or may be "only that is human" :).
I am talking about """people always thinking or worrying or feeling happy or feeling sad about how we and others and "us" 'feel' about themselves and others and their relationship with others...""" hmmmm.....

smiley said...

"Just live in this moment" that's true. At times I imagine negative stuff but things end smooth. Did the worrying help, no.

Jeevan said...

we can tell i am just enjoy this moment, but there will be a worry inside us about ourfuture. Nice monu.

Chaos said...

U seem to be learning a lot from life :-D

Prabu Karthik said...

>>That we all have our moments of weakness

very true.

and i agree with chaos, u seem to be learning too many things in life in a hurry :)

Ganesh said...

"That we all have our moments of weakness,
And indeciveness, and actions leading to mistakes.
But then these are our life’s experiences.
thats pretty deep, good one monu.

Chaos said...

I'm tagging u. Check my blogger space for details

Jayan said...

Well, I'm dont see eye to eye in this 'live in the moment thing. All good things (in my perspective) come to people who plan :P

Nice to know that everyine have their moments of weakness !

Kay said...

It is not about what we plan its about what "HE" plans. So in those cases "Do ur job right and make a proposal, let him dispose it".

“Worrying doesn’t improve things, Does it?” It does atleast in my case.

I can give you an example.

A worrying person is like a diseased person who knows his disease and knows what are his possibilities of survival.

A Non worrying person is a healthy person who dies in a fatal car accident who doesnt know that it is goin to come.

I would rather be an worrying person in any given situation because in the process of worrying i know what is goin to come and i wud think of thousands of possibilities to solve it.

According to me It is absolutely necessary for any one to press the panic button at the right time and how hard you press depends on how strong you are.

tamilan said...

enna romba worry pola irukku, blog panni romba nalachu

monu said...

appadi ellaam illai
was lazy!

i like that philo!
for a person like me, worrying distracts me from my job at i prefer to not worry..but then, each one of us has a thought process that works fine just for us

guess u r right!
people who plan and execute!

sanju, i had already posted that one!

thanks! loved your kid's song!

hmm...thanks.i love to observe life...and make my own philos!



i am jut liek u sanju

wow iris
thats deep thought!