Tuesday, February 14, 2006

About Valentine’s day, chocolates, Teddy bears, commercialization and love….

Valentine’s day to her,
Was all about commercialization.
She wouldn’t call it westernization though,
For she didn’t believe in the right wing..

All over, people were gifting to others,
Some expensive gifts, that made jaws drop,
And some other gifts, made for those small pockets!
She didn’t understand what the fuss was about…..

She would love all year around,
She would buy things for others all year around,
She would care all year around,
Did it have to be that one day?

And so she thought, on the eve of The “V” day,
Till some secret friend,chose to play a little game
and hence sent across,with anonimity,
A gift pack containing a small teddy bear,
And two huge bars of chocolate…..

Spread the cheer all year around...yet, have those days of celebration too!


Jeevan said...

i know u will not agree to celebratte the V-day only for one day. athaium ethirpakkama varathu than Kathal. the 3rd para is very true friend.:)

Chaos said...

Nice to see ya had fun

keerthi said...

Whaw,.. you had a secret angel ? ever had a chance to find out who it was ?

Anonymous said...

I dunno what to say :)
(i wrote about 20/30 lines and deleted them... :)
U had fun?

smiley said...

two big bars of chocolate, good present for anyday. Good u had fun

Kay said...

If it was you who got those gifts (Teddy and chocolate's) then the first person who came in to ur mind wondering he might be the one who would have sent these gifts, will be the person to whom you should consider sending valentine gifts, ofcourse with anonimity ;)

Anonymous said...

right on!

monu said...

thanks jeevan

i finally got a secret angel

we have this game in the organisation prior to v-day.each person is a secret angel to someone else and has to gift them and then reveal on v-day


it is certainly not romantic..u just get a chit and u have to cheer up that person..not a question of choice of person..nopes..i didnt think of anyone!
but i liked your logic!


Lumbergh-in-training said...

do you write poems about what happens in your life?