Thursday, January 12, 2006

Your opinion

I have heard myself telling other,
"Dont take things personally..."

It is one good advice, i tell you. It is only when we develop an emotional attachement to anything that problem arises.

Lets take an example,your boss might say you are inefficient.
There are two ways to handle it:
1. Realise that he is saying that to satisfy his own ego need, and doesnt really intend it on u,
and ofcourse, see impartially, if you can improve upon anything
2. React because your ego is hurt

The first is sensible
but the second is easier...

What would be your choice in this scenario?
i try hard to follow 1..then on days, i get real emotional!


Vijay Ramamurthi said...

The response mostly how many times u hear it, when i was a research assistant, my prof used to tell this like a 1000000000 times every day...after a week, such statements dont register in my mind..out of memory exception :)

Jeevan said...

nice advice.

Keshi said...

Very cute kitty there awww...

On the post..

Well I'd say it depends alot on what sort pf person u r...if u r a rational and sensible person, u would take it in good spirits and try to improve urself...but if u r someone like me, u would get hurt and feel like punching the boss on the face lol!


unknown said...

surely will try to prove myself..indirectly make him to fall in my feet....did that companys ur action speaks more..

Anonymous said...

My boss never said that i am inefficient. But many a time there has been a '''request''' to work over weekends ;( . Nothing worse than that!

(I cant believe how much u write in the blog... is it a 24x7 activity??!!:)

monu said...

thats nice!
i have this breaking point beyond which i am going to explode....
memory crash!


am just like you..

wow, then you must have tremendous control on ur emotions!

just one post per day iris..

Anonymous said...

U are too regular.
But good for u :)
Wonder if u mail and chat along with blogging every day?