Thursday, January 12, 2006

Sticky situations

1.Telling a lie and being caught then and there

2.Being given an introduction to someone with your mouth full with food...
I cant help it if my name sounds like 'bmmph...mphmm..bmttii.."
and anyone looks funny when they are gobbling one mouthful at rapid speed.

3.When you know you are doing a mistake, yet doing it, and your boss points out when you dont want him to..

4.Some old relative walks into your house one fine day and asks you to identify him/her...
sorry, the last time we met, i was 1 year old and really didnt register your name...forgive me!

5.When people say, "your dress is nice", rather than saying , "you look pretty!"

6.when you have to talk about all the great work you have done during your appraisal,when all you have done is, followed boss's order, but you cant start your appraisal talk saying, " I am the human robot, that acts as per boss's advice".........

7.You are mood-out due to something and the person whom you are conversation with, thinks its him/her, when the thing that upset you is totally different........


Jeevan said...
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Jeevan said...

What you have said is very true.:)

monu said...


tamilan said...

nanraga sonnergal...melum
konjam sticky situations...

8) dosai dosaikalil otti kollum pothu... allathu mysore paagu chattiyodu otti kollum pothu..

9) mazhai peytha chetril rubber slipper otti kollum pothu...

Anonymous said...

some solutions:

1. lies: Laugh at it and say it was supposed to be a joke.

2. Who is the idiot that performed the introduction in such a situation? (now we know who to blame ;)

3. err... hmmm.. gracefully accept that it was a mistake??? :)

4. Tell: "oh no! I am not x. I am his/friend! hee hee"..lets see how they deal with that ;)

5. "Dont take things personally..."

6. I hate that. Have to live with it :(

7. I guess it could be worse when u were really talking about that person and he/she says, "people can be so xxxx sometimes huh?"

monu said...

chewing gum pathi solla vittuteengale!

how abt people introducing themselves, thats what i was meaning...

heheh, lol at pt 7

Anonymous said...

@monu: well then the other person must have seen u with a mouth full.. if they are still willing to put u in certain amount of discomfort:
1. If only u two are there. No problem. Just indicate with ur hand that u need to finish your food.
2. If there are others there: i wonder why the other person will be so crude as to talk to u then. What ever the reason is, it still is not your fault. I think u can boldly resort to minor sign language and save our dignity!