Sunday, January 15, 2006

On a long distance relationship

Between their work schedules, their traveling
And all the work that comes with living on your own,
They had a tough time, finding time to speak on the phone,
Which was the lifeline of their relationship……….

Sunday was the only day that both had off,
And the afternoon nap was very much looked onto,
Their only time for good rest…

So, on one sleepy Sunday afternoon,
When he called her and spoke for about ten minutes,
She said that it was time for her afternoon nap.
And he said that he was tired and needed a nap too

Saying so, both disconnected.
He went on to do laundry, thinking,
That at least she would have some rest…

And she began to clean her home,
It had been long since she had done that,
At least he was taking good rest, she thought to herself!

And so they never spoke that afternoon!


Lumbergh-in-training said...

your poems see things from a very different angle!!

monu said...

is that a compliment?
anyways thanks for the comment