Sunday, January 15, 2006

The untold story

On jobless days, he would get story ideas..
Like a sudden bolt of lightning,
That thought would appear out of nowhere

Sudden enthusiasm would emerge,
A joy on that new idea
And how all it would be shaped….

And so after thinking for about an hour,
Like a cow chewing cud,over and over,
He would finally sit in front of his computer,
And the clitter-clatter of keys would begin…

But for some apparent reason, he would think,
That others may not like that simple story of his,
Regardless of the fact that it was from his heart,
Regardless of the fact the he enjoyed thinking about it
And that he typed it with love……..

And so thinking, he would delete that document.
The story of yet another untold story………


Prabu Karthik said...

Poor fellow, he does not know that the real story happens only after that.
he shud not quit.
he shud rather try to make improvisations and make it better. more importatnly keep writing nonstop.
there will be unknown twists and turns and the story that finally emerges will be new even to him. very different that the one he conceived:)

monu said...

excatly, that is what he has to do...
or rather he has to go ahead and do whatever that pleases him, rather than think of opinions

ada-paavi!!!! said...

guy should try to write what for himseld rather than writing for others

monu said...

thats what i was trying to say too

hope u r doing great in singapore!

tamilan said...

Kathai katta theriyalayappa... ennathay sola. Namanday vanthaal anthakala 3 mani neram karupu vellai padam mathiri oru 12 pattoday ennamathiriri reel veduvaan theriyuma? namma kita training'ikku anuppupa avanai sound koduthikitu kathi solla soli tharain, simpula kakkai, vadai patti kathai for the start

Jeevan said...

first he should tell the story, then only he can know the story is good or bad. Nice post.

monu said...

en paatti kooda appadi thaan solluvaanga

u r right friend