Saturday, January 07, 2006

One lazy saturday from home....

Fancy cell phones, swanky laptops…it was interesting
The first time I got to take the laptop home, I went “Yay”
I lifted the laptop with great difficulty and took it to my sis’s home. Show off, you could say……….

And slowly the realization dawns on me that a laptop means “any time work”
I had sat for breakfast today morning, when I got a call regarding work.I left my food as it is and opened the laptop….ensued by calls to some colleagues for help!

The thing to be noted here is that life spilling onto work is OK, or for that matter, the order of the day for most of us…we would coolly say, “I need to have a life”

And when work spills over to life, or even a weekend where you have no plans, it is a strict no-no! We complain, mumble, grumble and what not……

My parents looked at me sympathetically, saying things like, “these days children have so much pressure…” and heaving a sorrowful sigh!

But the best part is having superiors who help…makes things easier that way…

And finally when i was closing the laptop, my mom asked me, "mudinjudhaa, indha laptop galatta?" (is this laptop confusion over?)

i could only smile.....

So what is the moral of this post?
I was just trying to say that, when I still a student, I looked up at all those professionals and envied them, well, envied those things, that now, sometimes, I think are a pain, the cell and the laptop…I had wished I could have one, when I was a student…….
But now, I am more than willing to hand over the phone and laptop to anyone willing……

well…that’s life….you win some, you lose some…
and I love God because he made everything balanced, so none can be more blessed than the other!!!

On this platform of equality, anyone can be anybody!!!!

PS: I still love my job


Narayanan Venkitu said...

Life goes on...I've thought the same ways as you did..!! and now..I leave my laptop at work. :)

Prabu Karthik said...


i was at work all day..
and will be going tomorrow too..
To make matters worse, i was not well either:(

ennama po....

monu said...

@narayanan venkitu
i dont have a choice, on days that i do support(it comes in a cycle, shared betweeen us), i have to the cell and laptop alwaqys, it isnt my own laptop...i have a comp at office ..
which means i have to have it with me always!

rendu naalum weekend-a?
get a comp-off, mothama 5 naal leave podunga...sat and sun ku comp-off kadaikkum
meanwhile take care of ur health

smiley said...

Instead of working the odd weekends throughout your life...
sit on that laptop 24 hrs X 7 days X 12 months X 2 years...develop a new program or operating system... sell it to this world... buy a mansion, a couple of cars and retire with ur parents...
have fun

monu said...

with my menatl capabilities , that is a fantasy even God will laugh at if i request him..

smiley said...

I don't believe it!!!
Ok atleast write a story. You are a good story teller.
I wrote my first stort. One day left.

monu said...

thanks, will try to write one

M. said...

Nicely written...Everything appears to be balanced but I've doubted it many times ans still do. See, Balance starts to come into picture only if you choose a reference point...a centre line...which is just a figment of imagination in the first place.

Not trying to impart anything...have always wondered about it and still do.

I need to get some sleep

monu said...

hey manoj
that is very thoughtful, the middle line..

i just dont think that deep

for me what keeps me happy is the middle line, and since i am contended with what i have, that for me is the middle line, wat say?

tamilan said...

Paravai illai, pain'iii thangi kolkiraan... neega willinga tharum pothu naan kashtathodu unga laptop'm cell phone'ium vangikolkiraan. neengal pain free aga irukalaam
atleast naanga padamavathu parpom(dvd player irukku illaya?)

monu said...

i think u need a speaker for it..idhu varaikum athu lenthu sound vanthu naan kettadhu illai