Thursday, October 13, 2005

Simple Joys......

The strange thing about me is that i scribble poetry and other things when i am supposed to be doing something while travelling....while idling away at home.......and in college, while i was supposed to be taking down notes.........

first time i got laptop..showed it at home...i was excited about it..felt like a little kid with a new toy! They were happy too.......

got drenched in rain yet again..had to protect my laptop...did that..and enjoyed the rain..the umbrella was for the laptop!

Little Things

A simple wish
A simple smile
A simple thought
A simple gesture
An earnest feeling
Some honesty
Some mistakes
and some heart-felt 'Sorry's
Some anger
Some Dis-appoiment
Some dis-illusionment with life
Lots of hope-loss
Little hope-restorers
Little hearts that care
yet know not to show
Some known people
Some strangers
Some Freinds
Lots of aquaintences.....
Some laughter
Some tears
In Being a mixed bag
and in all its shades...
Life is beautiful!


johnny boy said...

hey monu..
Instead of takin down notes in class, u were scribbling poetry? And u are repenting that?? :) Well thats abt the most productive thing u can do, sittin in class.. lol.. Taking down our 'EMT' teachers notes would have only wasted precious paper, and ink! :))
Takes my mind back, to college days - the things we used to do in class, when the lectures were pouring in! :) What fun !!

Chaos said...

Life ain't beautiful. Like all other things beauty comes in and pop's out of each one's life now and then.

Life is life and that's that.

Guess what i got in ur word verication ???

Starts with F , ends with k and has 2 letters in between..
Talk about an insulting blog ;)

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Once a person understands this mixed bag called Life...he/she will certainly begin to enjoy life.!!

Its beautiful doubt about it.!!

Umbrella for Laptop..!! LOL:)

ada-paavi!!!! said...

'my mama always says lifes like a box of chocolates, some bitter some sweet' enda padam teriyuma?

they give u laptop at e funds?? ill work free if i am given a think pad, not exactly free, minimum salaray ll do

Prabu Karthik said...


not just laptop. reliance mobile for browsing the internet from home.
how abt that? u still need salary?
but all only for madam.

coming to the simple poem, it was grand monu. ad padam partha madhiri irundhudhu :)

Jeevan said...

Simple poem is simpley nice. enjoy the life.

Ganesh said...

very nice one monu simple and beautiful.

monu said...

your profile pic is cute
and thanks!

thanks jeevan..

thanks..appo copy writing try pannalaamnu sollareengala?

dont knw the movie..en maama vum sollalai..en amma vum sollalai...hehehe
laptop is for providing 24 * 7 support..anytime work......

@narayanan venkitu

wonder how u alone get such about pessimism...

@johnny boy..
i was wondering how, i can think of writing only when i am hard pressed for time and supposd to be doing something else..i kept scribbling and people thought i was taking notes...hehehe

jac said...

Lovely thoughts.