Sunday, January 08, 2006

Just the same,for-ever

It had been a long time, since she had ridden pillion on the ever faithful Kinetic Honda. She didn’t remember how long it had been, days seemed to have run fast.

Today, she was working and her dad had retired.Way back when she was still in school and had dreams that only young kids , in their un-adulterated dreamy minds have, her father would drive her around the city, in that very kinetic Honda, to chase all those dreams…

Oh! She had had so many dreams, none of them would be laughed at, none of her dreams would be spelt as impossible, no coaching ever required would be called expensive, and no distance whatsoever,would be called too-long as her father drove her on that kinetic-honda, he had saved hard to buy…

She remembered, how she didn’t even have to hold onto the vehicle and as to how, she would sit behind him, a book in her hands, reading one page after another, as her father deftly navigated the kinetic Honda through the traffic. She would be reading till the last moment, as her father took care of reaching the test centre within time.

Today after so many days, her father and her, had to go to many relatives’ homes to invite them for their family function. After so many days, her father suggested going on that faithful vehicle.

“I have just serviced it”, he beamed at the vehicle.

She nodded and climbed on for another ride, just like old days..seemes liked she was still her daddy’s little girl…

Some things are the same for-ever, she thought to herself, when, on the way back home, her dad stopped the vehicle and turned to speak to her, stopping her long-running flash-back.

She came to the present, and saw that the city was shining like a new bride, as the street lights shone brilliantly, quickly , she noticed that her dad had stopped the vehicle.

“Whats the matter?”, she asked with comcern.
“its glaring, I cant drive further.60 years have taken the toll on my eye. Can you drive from here to home?”

She smiled in acceptance and carefully drove her father home.
On reaching home, she looked at the ever-faithful kinetic Honda, and thought to herself
“Somethings remain the same forever, well..almost……………”


Jeevan said...

the days are running fast like her kinetic honda. Nice dream.

monu said...