Monday, January 23, 2006

On their marriage

There is something about getting married on Sunday, that results in filled up marriage halls. It would be empty and then the people will start filling in, a sample of the universe outside….of all ages.

It would be hard to imagine or guess, as to what all those multitude of conversations going on would be about…but people would talk and talk. If one took close enough notice, without talking that is, one could hear things…..

“Look at her, wearing the same sari, I saw her wearing in that X’s marriage that I attended..”

“Look at her jewellery..pretty..” with eyes getting wider..

And particularly, in the so called “Love” marriages, people would have lots of material for talking…

“Now whos ritual will they follow?”, some would say and then giggle..
“Thank God, My daughter didn’t do that..”, some would say with a sudden sense of pride….
“Look at the stick the groom is holding, we don’t have that in our marrriages..”, some would point…
And those who hurry to the dining hall. would comment on the food.….
“This is not our style food…”

Some of the older ones would pick up little quarrels with the man serving the food,
“How can you serve rasam before sambhar?”
They would never understand that some cultures are different..

But unmindful of all this, two happy souls will smile…………….It is their wedding after all!


Jeevan said...

Suuper. When our people attend a marage, they first choise to complain is food is not good. and some ladies will tell, intha neckles evalo ruba irukku. when i saw this scean in any marrage,i cant control my laugh.

smiley said...

The two happy souls are in a world of their own, good one

Anonymous said...

I think we should be happy that the love marriage atleast happens in a Wedding hall.
The one and only love marriage i attended happened in a Temple :)
For other love marriages, no one was even invited..(not that they could afford to attract any wedding crashers and love policia:)

Kaps said...

weddings would be so boring if we didn't have such gossips and talks.

Supremus said...

Agree with kaps - afterall weddings wouldnt half the fun if we didnt hear ppl gossip and bitching!!


monu said...

i laugh, i have fun, i observe, all a part of the marriage experience!


that must have been cool..i have never attended a marrieae in temple...
that must have been fun..right?

u r right!
as long as those who are being gossipped about dont get to hear it..fine , i say....

i dont mind it..what i was trying to say was that the bride and groom are in a world of their own..just an observation of the typical indian wedding!

welcome to my blog!
guess u r right!

Anonymous said...

Depends on what u call fun;). Poor souls. They must have been smiling and having fun getting teased. But all they got was sympathy and odd looks and at best curious looks :(