Thursday, January 19, 2006

The things that really irk me

1. When people would remain silent, forget the concept of team and unity and say “Yes Boss”, just so they can save themselves.

2. When you need power to get anything done and when a honest, humble polite request alone wont do. Recently I needed something done. I went and made a request. I was told a rude no. So I told the same story to someone, more powerful than me, more like a report than a complaint…. I just wanted to notify the person above me that I had done what was asked of me, but the reply was a no. So the person more powerful than me says one word and it is done. So where goes my humble request?

3. When there is no basic value system in people. People don’t have to be saints…but they can have minimal value system..neither am I a saint, I don’t go out of my way and do good, but I wont stand still and see harm being done…

4. When all the above make me feel like giving up my own value system…and when I start contemplating and feel like a fool….. But no, I wont give up my values…my dad once told me of an officer, he had. That officer refused to fire a man who had partial vision only in one of his eyes…he said he wouldn’t discriminate and the man with vision problems was anyway doing his work well. So this officer resigned. He gave up his job and stood by his principles….That incident impressed dad did the same, he refused to write negative comments about a peon , who was actually doing a good job… dad simply took VRS. Sometimes life may not give us that option..but I hate it when we have to compromise our values……

During the HR interview for my current job, I was asked, "What makes you sad?"
I said, i become real sad, when my trust is betrayed. Why? Because, then my value system is shaken..i live by my value system...i go on because i beleive that good persists..sometimes that faith is shaken..

And i was asked,"what makes you really happy?"
I said, "when whatever I beleive in, comes true!"

And i beleive in my own value system....


Jeevan said...

Well writen. My dad's friend, went to his boss to ask a day leave, to go for Thiruvannamali theppan, but when he went to announce his leave, that time his Boss was very busy. so he announced to his personal secretary and went. when he return to work next day, he boss call him and said u are transfered,because u dint announced to me about u r leave. he was a sincier staff, and he takes long time to convince his boss. andat last his boss cancel his order and warned him.

monu said...

they say that the true nature of a man can be found by giving him power..

smiley said...

Really appreciate your dad for being firm in what he believed

Anonymous said...

sad: When deemed 'not trust worthy' :( and a lot more things.

sadder: Not being able to trust myself because there is doubt from others whether i am trustworthy :((

Happy: A lot of things can make me happy.

Truly Happy: When it feels like 'nothing can bother me':)

vasanthi said...

hey monu-that is a very good quality you are having never compromise on that.

Prabu Karthik said...

>>they say that the true nature of a man can be found by giving him power..

idhu sathiyama unmai. u remember the PDF i'd sent u sometime back?

And whatever u mentioned is all part and parcel of office politics.


Ganesh said...

office vaazhkaiyil idellam sahajampa
but good to see that you stand by your values.

Good best wishes

Adaengappa !! said...

Monu,Welcome to reality :-)
Thats how the world is!
True that one gets bogged down in red tape and bureaucracy ...But follow your ethics and conscious,and do good always!

Cheers !!
(Guess i know what made u write this post !!)

monu said...


totally agree with ur truly happy part
wow!thats the state to be..

thanks vasanthi

yep..they all suck
and the power thing was from the PDF u sent was interesting

naan velai ku serndhu 15 months irukkum...pazhagidum!!!!!

thanks for that advice..
hope to stick to it

would love to know ur guess