Monday, January 23, 2006

God’s balance sheet

She had worked hard,
Slaved real hard,
To have a dream,
That she had nourished for long…

But it was not to be..
She failed,
Despite her attempts…
Her heart and soul ached..

Years later, when she had learnt,
To move beyond that fiasco,
And carried on with life, as always,
She suddenly won a lottery!

Those who didn’t know,
Her life’s little story,
Called it Luck!
But she knew,
God was just tallying his balance sheet..
This “Luck” was just the reward,
For that hard-work done,
A long – long while ago!


Anoop Sundaram said...

nice one -- but I personally dont appreciate the rewards coming in so late ...

smiley said...

What you said is very true, that God keeps an account and rewards people. It may be immediate or further down our life.

divyasurendiran said...

good one. I can relate to the logic!

Jeevan said...

Hard work never fails, Nice Post friend.:)

Anonymous said...

But why such a late reward? God must get computer then!
well, its her faith.
her suffering...her reward..or so she believes. if she's happy, we are happy.


May be she was expecting to be rewarded. May be that was wrong. So when she gave up expecting and it didnt matter any more, or perhaps she started beliving that she must help herself...then God rewarded. He now knows that she can handle the reward.

Anonymous said...
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Prabu Karthik said...

As iris says, if she's happy we r happy too.

Vinesh said...

One of my favourite lines from the movie "Mugavari" (spoken by Raghuvaran): Indha ulagathule thoathuppona makku-nnuvaanga. Jeyicha luck-unnuvaanga.

Jeevan said...

I have taged you, see my blog.:)

tamilan said...

long holiday pola irukku? have fun

Anonymous said...

I sure hope that this absence has nothing to do with comments like "Too much blogging":).
Hope u are having a good time:)

monu said...

me too
i just wanted to say that no effort ever goes waste!


thanks divs!


u think a lot!
i like the giving up expectations part of what u said..may be..
but moral of the story = No effort ever goes waste.

What do u think?


how true!
I loved that movie, mugavari..that is the story of every person out there...but then again, effort never goes watse, if not now, if not in the form u expected, the reward will be in some other form or delayed!

i have put up the tag post, friend!

yep..i took off following jan 26!

i would never stop blogging for anything

Anonymous said...

Yep! I agree. No effort goes wasted.(we need to blindly believe in that one. Never Question it. :)