Tuesday, January 31, 2006

"From My heart" Tag....

I was tagged by Jeevan ..
Thanks Jeevan
The tag's name is the same as my blog's..Do i need a better motivation?

My Kind of Guy:

Now this is fishy….i really have to think hard to come up with my list of 8..but anyways, I finally used my brain and came up with my list. So here they come, in the specified order..

1. Loyalty : I am real sucker for this. I wouldn’t even tolerate it if my guy looked at another girl in the romantic angle. It has to be me , me and only me! Hey! I would never betray his confidence and I expect the same. I am all for monogamy

2. Honesty : I expect a great deal of honesty. Nothing hurts me more than to know that my trust has been betrayed. Ofcourse, one cant be brutally honest. But I would really appreciate some amount of honesty, atleast to me.

3. Practical : I would like him to be practical and use his head. I would like him to be the guy who doesn’t care if his boss scolds him, rather than this macho ruffian who beats up people. I can never be like that, no, I don’t beat up people, But I cant say “I don’t care”, in some cases, because I am using my heart more. So I would like a guy who uses his brains. Mindless bravery is dumb, I tell you

4. Good hearted : He doesn’t have to be a hero, But I cant handle it if he wants to harm anyone. I don’t believe that anyone can progress at someone else’s expense. I cant handle it he goes out of his way to do harm. My motto: If you cant do good, don’t do anything at all! I Listen to my conscience and would like it if he does so too….Our faiths and beliefs may vary, but atleast I would like a guy who feels answerable to his conscience.

A good heart would be able to empathize. I can never put myself in other people’s shoes and think about their feelings..for me it is always my angle to everything, my perception..not I would like a guy who can do it!

5. Sense of humor : He must be able to laugh at himself. And he must be able to make fun without hurting anyone, particularly me!

6. Good looks and money : Now, should this be number 1? I had practical at number 3…so there goes….And I am not exactly Aishwarya Rai’s second cousin…so it suffices me if my guy is half as good looking as I am! By money, I don’t mean rich guys.i hate rich guys, for that matter.(no offence meant, just my opinion..there are rich guys who value money, call it my prejuidice,, whatever) i like my guy to be self-made. That would teach him the value of money and yet , not be stingy! He should anyways have so much capability to make some money, so we can run our simple life. I am practical people…we all need money, don’t we?
I cant handle intelligent guys…I have had experiences where, I am blinking away to glory, and this I-am-so-intelligent-that-you-will-swwon-now guy walks upto me and asks, “You don’t even know that?”….
No way am I marrying that Oh-so-intelligent-guy..

7. Now, I have run out of things to expect from my guy. See, I told you, I never asked too much from life…..
The truth is, all I expect from my guy is to love me as I am..and I would love him as he is….yes, I would complain, I would wish he were better at this or that, but I strongly believe that love is all about accepting someone with their faults, just as they are..and give loads of love…unconditional love!

PS: was busy lately. Will reply to comments as soon as i can!


Jeevan said...

Best monu Best. I have read some love tags, in that no one has mentioned about money, u have done. Good hearted is veryy nice.

Kaps said...

Finding someone who meets all the criteria is gonna be difficult. Good luck with the search :-)

Anonymous said...

kaps! come on. Its not so difficult. I wish u luck Monu:), because most of what u said is common sense and practicality and goodness...I think those are the least u can expect from a human being.

But if u dont find that ideal one, will u still be happy with some other kinda guy? I am guessing that u will be.. time will tell:)

Very strange to hear that u are too busy to blog :)

monu said...


hey, i thought i didnt expect much..anyways..thanks!

as i said in point seven, liking the faults is important..wat say?

smiley said...

good points. but pls don't wait too long looking for the ideal partner. check this one out.

Kaps said...

Common sense is a bit difficult to find and that's why I made such a comment.

Anonymous said...

May be u are right:)
But if it is common sense, why is it so uncommon? :)

Yes monu. Liking(? May be just tolerating or being ok with or not caring about) the faults is important.U mentioned it. And that's what made me think that u will be fine :)

But Loyalty...
What would get u convinced that he is not being loyal to you? If this 'what' is not clear to u and your guy...well...nothing can save the realtionship from the doubt disease, can it?

Shriedhar said...

Last few lines were really gud.
it makes life so simple n happy :)

Hiren said...

Good that you mentioned money so practically though if I were you I would also plainly say that I don't mind marrying rich. No harm in that. Is there?

tamilan said...

ammadiyoo, nalla vellai u have run out of things.... :)

Prabu Karthik said...

ahem :)
naan vera eduvum sollala!!
all da best:)

>>was busy lately!

oh, really! :D

Anonymous said...