Monday, December 12, 2005

A small story

She was successful, suave, smart and professional
She was the team lead, who was ever so efficient.
She was this and she was caused awe...
But at home, she was just the dishwasher!

No, this is not yet another tale of the silent suffering woman,
For, no matter, how much high he had climbed the corporate ladder,
At home, her husband was always the toilet cleaner....


divyasurendiran said...

WOW monu! Sooper! nalla unexpected twist!!!lateral thinking eh :)

Sneha Acharya said...

oops.. LOL on the last line :)

vasanthi said...

hey good one

Jeevan said...

nice story friend.

Jayan said...

The toughest job is that of the Homemakers.... no denying that !

Sriram said...

LOL. I hate to be the guy ;)

soul-hunni said...

Lol very clever, I like it!

tamilan said...

Real life.... well said.
I don't think there is nothing to be ashamed of keeping your own home clean

Nachiketas said...

good one...she got off easy...maybe they will swap the roles the next month?

Anonymous said...

That's funny!! hee hee...
He would rather clean the toilet:)!!
Smart Guy! He knows how well his wife cooks;)

Narayanan Venkitu said...

All these Toilet Cleaners and dishwashers..!! do all this for what.!!! ?? F A M I L Y!

Nice one.!!

Lumbergh-in-training said...

are you saying that there is nothing wrong with the wife cooking at home?

monu said...

i was just trying to say that, no matter what people are to the outside world, how succesful they may be..they are just ordinay people like u and me....

anyone can is an art,if u ask me..welcome to my blog

@narayanan sir
:)..we all do it for family

enakku puriyalaye!
expln pls!

may be they will..
welcome to my blog!

there is nothing to be ashamed of that...
no matter who we are..we are just ordinary people..


my prayers are with u..hehe

@jayan is the toughest job..but one that is not recognised as such..




thanks ma..coming from u...makes me smile