Friday, December 16, 2005


My own angel

That day, when my heart was heavy,
and the flood-gates, that were my eye-lids,
were about to open, letting loose tears,
that i would rather hide....

You walked upto me, and saw my pain.
yet, you didnt seek to know the reason..
It was enough knowledge to you,
that i was pained...

You gently held my hand,
in one silent moment of re-assurance,
and smiled your angelic smile
and told me,"It will all be alright!"

At that silent moment, to me,
you were more than a friend...
To me,you were a manifestation of the God,
I deeply beleive in!

PS: This is about those angels, who are not curious to know the reason of anyone's pain...
It is Ok for those angels if you dont want to say the cuase of your hurt,pain
they just want to give a little hope..and tell you, everything will be OK

On how i knew you

Your eyes were never the window to your soul
but your poetry was......

PS:really heald up at work..will reply to comments as soon as i can!
just enough time to type some stuff on notepad and copy-paste!


Jeevan said...

nice angels.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Have you Heard this song by 'Alabama'. Its a country song..
goes like this.


I liked the first one on Angels a lot.!!

monu said...


@narayan venkitu
i havent heard the song..gues it must be nice...i have seen those angels though!

Anonymous said...

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