Wednesday, December 07, 2005

One Little wish....

It was her birthday that day, and just like any other little girl, it was the most special day in the whole year for her.

She would have no longing for attention, it would automatically be there on that day, her special day..

Each birthday, she would wait and see if her near and dear ones remembered…birthday wishes were sweet, when people remembered on their own…

Soon enough, the little girl grew’s pace seemed to have become faster, people simply had too many things in their hands to even notice the date……and in all that rush, her birthday was forgotten by her one friend…who had till date never forgotten…

Yes, others had wished….but why did my friend forget..a little regret in a corner in her heart!

She had grown up, yes! And she was aware of the ways of the world..yet, the child in her longed for a simple birthday wish from her friend…

She looked solemnly at the clock…it was 12.45….the day would be over soon…

Far far away, in a different time zone …her friend casually looked at the date….OMG!Its December 6th..and she frantically dialed the number across the oceans….

God’s messengers sure have their own ways of functioning!


Jayan said...

That is a subtle way of telling us that you are a year older now :)

Many more happy returns of the day.

monu said...

That was so sweet of u..but my bday falls in may!

soul-hunni said...

I like the way you write =).

Jeevan said...

Nice Birthday story.
All of them will wish her, but her mind will hang for a loved one.

Prabu Karthik said...

Haha, i could relate to this 100% percent.

I am called as a mobile database for all these...friends birthdays, wedding anniversaries
phone numbers ( here as well as US), you name it i have it in my fingertips and promptly wish them too.

since i am too efficient in this,

None except one would remember my b'day

it requires some dropping of hints by the only guy who remembers to the others (usually a mail) to make the wishes come my way.

Anonymous said...

yes monu,Dec 6th was my birthday and I got lots of wishes ffrom lots of ppl..But my heart was waiting for that person to call up and wish me...And exactly the same thing happened.She called me at the end of our day...(I mean indian)....Good way of expressing

monu said...

is that shalini?

i dont remember..but i expect others to remember mine..

thanks a lot!


Anoop Sundaram said...

its really a nice feeling to have ppl wish you remembering the day........ i have been thinking abt having a way to keep track of all my friends' birthdays...... gotto work on that soon!!