Tuesday, October 25, 2005

A simple cure for all

Who says every disease needs a bitter pill to cure it?
Haven't they heard of a little dose of one sweet pill, simply called "Love".............................


Chaos said...

I suggest

3.and lastly yes... Love... sadly enuf, it's a cause for many diseases as well.

G3 said...

short but very sweet

AF said...

Cool one..

Jeevan said...

Love can cure any Disease. very nice.

Ramana Siddharth said...
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Prabu Karthik said...

abaaram monu!

ada-paavi!!!! said...

nice post, enna updates ellam romba sporadic??

Jayan said...

Sometimes, love itself might be the disease :P

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Very true...but I love my Ibuprofen and Crocin..when I am in pain.!! And for colds I love my Benadryl..!!

LOL :) Just kidding.!!

Nicely said Monu. Love can heal...true indeed.!!

Sriram said...

How about a good solid kick in the rear? ;) :D

johnny boy said...

Lol @ sriram... Looks like a good way to cure.. :)
Have heard that 'Love is a disease'... now i hear that 'Love is the cure to all diseases'... Is my hearing proper? Oh god, now whts the cure? ;)

tamilan said...

Love can cure the disease....
but what about the heartbreaks?

keerthi said...

tamilan, heartbreak ? simple.. another love :)

monu.. good one.

Vinesh said...

Yes, they call it kattipudi vaidhyam :-)

Hey, made a li'l mention about you in my blog :-)

Somu said...

For some, the same pill leads to incurable diseases and they try to nullify the effect having alcoholic syrups !

jac said...

What is yours ?

void said...

The simple cure

Beautiful white stick
washing away the sorrow
along with a beer

johnny boy said...

Hey.. Wish you n your family a happy diwali...

Sriram said...

Looks like this is the longest you've gone without a post. what's up?

thennavan said...

Happy Deepavali Monu :-)

monu said...

thanks..hope u had a great deepavali too!

hmm..rains and power cuts and holidays....thats the reason!
i am back again!

@johnny boy
thanks..hope u enjoyed ur hols too

hmmm....may be..never tried

i dont get u
expln pls

thats a sweet way to put it..i meant "love", in the sense of not negative emotions for anyone..

thanks for mentioning me in your copyright issues...

thats cool...and thanks!

another love as keerthi says!

i think all those loud crackers have had an effect on u!

thats so typical 'sriram' reaction, may i say?

thanks..i need amrutanjan too....loud crackers gave me a head-ache!


enna panna....onum thonalai, ezhudhara maathiri


thanks a lot!

thank u..


try removing negative emotions for anyone, anger and hurt conrols one but, love liberates u..howzzat?!!!!