Wednesday, November 02, 2005

6 days of pure fun!

Its been a long break for me......i had fun..
I will reply to all the comments as soon as i can..this is just a filler post!
I hope you all had a great Diwali!!!!!!!!!!!!

It all started last thursday, when the rain Gods wanted to make up for all those years of denial to chennai...42 cms of rain , all in a day! MY oh MY!!!

We didnt have power that day, all of thursday..but it was an eye-opener for a couch potato like me. Ideally, i would spend every waking hour in the weekends glued to the television if i am not out shopping or something......but not on thursday, there wasnt a choice, i was getting what did i do?I played cards with the kids next door. There are five kids there.....and around seven of us played cards... where was that kid in me all along?????

I wanted to come to work on Friday. I left home and waited for half-an -hour in the auto...the roads leading to velachery were really trains were running till noon...i could only imagine what horror mumbai would have been through..we only got 42 cms rain and look at the city....there was no means of travel for me....i didnt want to risk driving 18 kms along muddy paths where roads had been!!!!!!

water had entered some of my friends houses near my area....they had moved to relatives' houses.....thank God..atleast water didnt enter my house....

and then i had deepavali holidays!!!!wow! 6 days in a row, long time sicne i had that kind of holiday!

i just lazed around, helped myself to generous amount of sweets, playes all the more with all the kids, and like always, enjoyed the simple pleasures of life..............


It is such a blessing
if you could,not always,
but just once in a while,
fill in your life's moments,
with large doses of nothingness,
let time do what it does, move on,
as you just sit back and relax!


Jeevan said...

I hope u had a nice Diwali with the Kids and rain water. Sad to read that u suffered with rain.

the flood is gone now?

johnny boy said...

hey! So u are back after a long time.... Reading your post made me think over a lot of things!
1) I had to come to office on that rainy thursday! We had an important 'deliverable' to our clients, and thus i had no choice. I came to office at 3 pm, and left at 4am! But end result -> got my work done! Thats a sense of achievement :) Listen to this - I came to office that day, in an 18 seater van, and I was the only person inside(along with the driver ofcourse) :-) Felt so awkward! That huge van was the only vehicle that could get me to office that day! Roads were in such shape!
2) I still play cricket with the next door kids... All aged 10,11 etc. And yes, I score century after century :) lol...

monu said...

yes, the raod are fine now..
hope u had a great deepavali too...
i watched TV just like u did(read ur blog) on Deepavali

thats nice, wait, lemme go and tell those kids, as to y u play wiht them..playing can be so much fun, realised it after a long time

tamilan said...

Gone are the days of the nursery rhyme...

Rain rain go away,
Come again another day.
Little Johnny wants to play;
Rain, rain, go to Spain,
Never show your face again!

In today's world, it would be....

Rain rain come today
Little Monu wants to play
and as soon as
AMMA declares a holiday
Rain rain go away
Come back again next day!!!

Good we all get a break when it rains nowadays and get a break in our busy lives. Vaazhga mazhai!!!

monu said...

that was so sweet!