Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Inspired by Ammani's post and an experience....
(my comment in her blog that is..)

At moments of strife
She was always taught
to look at those less blessed than her
and count her own blessings..

This remedy always worked,
till the day , she felt guilt
seeping through her
when the cause of her relief and self-assurance
and gratitude to God
was the fact that, someone, somewhere
was less blessed!!


Chaos said...

How the hell do you find time to browse and read all these blogs?

Narayanan Venkitu said...

True..True...and nice...but why so much peelings???

Jeevan said...

Very nice comment.

jac said...

cweet !!

Anjali said...

soawesome monu and so true.

void said...
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void said...

comparison between people doesnt make sense.

good one!


monu said...



thanks u!

thanks a lot

@Narayanan Venkitu
becoz it is from my heart!

time management sanu, time managemen.......