Thursday, September 22, 2005


"Why should I care for anyone", He would think with that obvious frown. After all what did he get , when he did care for one and all, when he couldn't tolerate so much as a tiny trace of worry line in the face of his loved ones , and compromised on everything, what did he get?

ANd then he had decided that he wouldn't care for anyone.."Why should I?" was his anthem!Not just those he knew, but anyone and anyone..he wouldn't care.

Just one of those days, he got one of those forwards, with a prayer for the hurricane victims...and subconsciously, even without thinking, he said it out loud and clear in his heart and prayed for all those people!


Jeevan said...

We cant be without takeing care of one, it is nature.

Vinesh said...

But these forwards are sometimes soooo irritating that we blindly delete them.

I do.

monu said...

you are right!

sometimes they do...