Wednesday, September 21, 2005


"Hope that silly cat doesn't cross my path this time too", He said
"That is superstition", she said,"don't get carried away by those things..just do your duty well."
Yet, she would ensure that, that particular Ganesha picture was in the left pouch in the red bag , that she took to work every monday, worn on the right shoulder, for a good week ahead!


Vinesh said...

Funny people funny world!

Jeevan said...

You hope on Cat cross?

vatsan said... u carry ganesha pic wut u?? nalla nambikkai

Kaps said...

double standards?

monu said...

right said!

i think it is lucky actually!

not me...though i can be superstitious!

yes..maybe advices are meant for others!!!!!

Ganesh said...

he he
good one
thankunnu varumbothu thani rule

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Ganesha will help, even if he had him in the underwear.!! need...just think about him..he'll help.!!

I know...there are people like this and beliefs like this. I hope people begin to understand that God is everywhere, Think good, be good and he'll take care of you.!!

vasanthi said...

How true-thats how people behave. People who say that this is superstitious and that is superstitious will pay 5k to see to it that their car number doesnot add up to the number 8.

tamilan said...

maybe the cat felt lucky
to cross their paths!!!

G3 said...

good one. oru-kku than upadesamma?

monu said...


@Narayanan Venkitu
you are right!
God is evrywhere
Anbe Sivam!


may be...

naraiya per appadythaana?