Thursday, September 22, 2005

I am nice too

When she felt nasty and bad and let down and all those pent up negative emotions, and went on those miserable guilt trips, knowing very well that all those logical explanations were just excuses for mistakes knowingly done, a real nice friend of hers would talk her out of the negative emotions.
And she would now smile and think to herself,
"I must have done some real nice things in my previous life, to deserve great friends like this!"


Jeevan said...

It is a real story?

Prabu Karthik said...

capriciously_you :))

naanum rendu moonu thadavai vandhu parthen.. enna comment podaradhuney therila . so..

Ganesh said...


Friend in need is a friend indeed

ada-paavi!!!! said...


Anoop Sundaram said...

Mustafaa Mustafaa.. dont worry Mustafaa..........

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Of course. If you believe in your previous did do some nice things to deserve such a nice friend.!

Just this afternoon I was taking to a friend of mine about how stressful life is and how tough the future looks. Her thoughts and insight made me feel a lot better after the chat.!

IMHO Friends are a god sent blessing. I treasure my friends and would even give my life for my friend.!

Vinesh said...

A good friend can certainly make your world go round!! :-)

Ramo said...

you can count upon them any time...
provided you earn them properly...

monu said...

it isn't

enakkum ithukku enna reply podardhunnu theriyala..anyways thanks for the comment:D



the song suits ur profile pic!

@Narayana Venkitu
I don't beleive in previous life and all that...but beleive that god sends us little angels everyday in various forms..i remember reading a tolstoy story to that effect


earn them properly??
dont get u..expln pls!