Tuesday, September 27, 2005

The Heart Doctor

He was the heart doctor
who so beautifully concealed his trade

As much as he could identify a broken heart
none could identify him as the doctor

He would come in silently
and work magic with his one medicine, words

No one would know
that they had consulted the Doctor

and he didn't want that recognition
His cure just didn't work that way!!

PS: toatlly unrelated to the above.. Check out this link, provided to me by Divya :
I am currently reading Little Women , I have always loved the reading it again...


tamilan said...

Nanri Monu/Divya - good site

Chaos said...

A good read - Critically acclaimed "Zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance"
(Nothing to do with bike, deals mostly with philosphy and outlook)

Jeevan said...


monu said...


thanks for the link sanju