Friday, September 02, 2005


"But you did that", she said.
"I can't change my past", he said.
"But you can't disown your actions",she said.
"Yes, but I want to put that behind me,
to move one, to change", he said.

This constant reminder
of that sin done long ago
carried on,
till she made one of her own!


Anjali said...

lovely one.This hapens often.

johnny boy said...

Hmmmm... Yeah thts true. We often get mad at ppl for some mistakes they make, but end up not knowing where to hide our faces, when we later make the same ones!
Makin mistakes is fine, gettin screamed at, for havin made them is also ok. As long as we learn from the mistakes, everything's fine! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey gayathri,
awesome stuff!! came across ur blog thro' a chain of frds...
how have u been?
- Preethi (EE @ crescent)

Katpadi Murali said...

To Err is human. Repetition is the one to bother about. Optimistic are those who forget and move along to explore this world.

vasanthi said...

how true

divyasurendiran said...

hey ! nachchnu solli irukkae.
seems very probable to me . good one :)

Narayanan Venkitu said...

If only we can remind the good things as well would be a bliss...won't it.!!

True indeed...! That's what drives life...I think.!!

jac said...

I think you have point there.

monu said...


@johhny boy
this was about people who like to send others on a guilt trip!
the truth is alll of make we have to forget and move on!

thanks a lot preethi!
i am fine..still very much at efunds and doing fine. How about u?

@katpadi murali
u r right! repetition is the issue..means that people have not made and effort to move on!



@narayanan venkitu
you haev a point there!
if only we could remember the good things...just that when we do one mistake, all other things become null and void!!!!


G3 said...

nice one! the last line said it all :)

monu said...


Jayan said...

Monu : Your posts are getting more and more personal :)

tamilan said...

Tit fot tat!!!

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