Friday, September 02, 2005

Where's my compliment?

He had bought a birthday gift for her, a doll, a rather plainn looking doll . She was pleased at the gesture and decided to fish for some compliments. He hadn't yet commented on that new dress, she had worn.

She smiled within and outwardly made a sad face.
"Cute Doll..just like me in my bad hair day...."

She expectantly looked at him to here some reassuring words..."You always look cute to me....."

But no, that was not what he was saying, " Hey, the doll, actually looks nice"

It was only after he blurted and she stared, did he realise that mistake!


Jeevan said...

So Sad

divyasurendiran said...

:) i know the inspiration for that post!

Chaos said...


You should have expected something like
"You'll make a great doll"

Hey what's the inspiration for this one ? ;)

monu said...


hope u dont mind the copyright violation!

tell u later!

Anonymous said...

I dont usually comment twice ... but could help this one. Cool monu! nice one there again!

G3 said...

Oh that anonymous comment was mine ... Gayathri

monu said...

thanks a lot!

Vinesh said...

Nice bulb the girl got from her boyfriend LOL! :-D