Monday, September 05, 2005

Random thoughts from a monday morning


She really did have a sense of humour
A great one, with that impeccable timing too!
yet those jokes, told just as they always would be
couldn't conceal the swollen eyelids !!

The Listener

"She is my best friend", I proclaimed
"what does she do for you?", they all asked.
"Does she come to your aid when you are in deep trouble?"
"Does she advice you as to what to do?"
"Oh no!", I said,"She just lends me a sympathetic ear!


~phobiac~ said...

oh monu ...every1 wud be better off if we have a friend like that !!

Chaos said...

I would like an intro to this friend of yours...
Once she meets me there won't be anymore swollen eyelids..

Such a sweet person shldn't be made to cry.

It's her right as a human being to get to know a sweet guy like me :D

johnny boy said...

Sometimes, u don even expect ur friend to say anything/advice you.. Just listening to your problems and difficulties, is all that you expect!

Jeevan said...

Friends will not expect anything.

ada-paavi!!!! said...

enna monu first poem is konjam straight out of mills n boon kadhai, romba books padikaraia at work?

ada-paavi!!!! said...

monu uve been tagged, visit my blog for details

Adaengappa !! said...

Good one !! With a reliable friend,secrets can be shared.

@Vatsan..Nee M&B padikiriya ??Enakku vaangi koduthu thaan pazhakam !!

ada-paavi!!!! said...

adengappa, illai, ada padama edutha parthurikken,

monu 2nd poen nalla irukku,

ada-paavi!!!! said...

inda madri eluthina, some day mills n boon will knock on ur door!

DaldaDappa and Proud said...

listening are what friends are for... sometimes advice is not needed from anyone and is better of sorting ur own issues...

monu said...

true!but sometimes they need to speak up and give u advice too..what do u say??

u r getting more desperate by the passing day!

@johnny boy
it is really bad when you are alreadsy feeling low and advices make u fgeel worser!


naan velaila book ellaam padikka maatten!
have never read an M and B. I prefer Danielle Steele to those.
Thanks for tagging me. will put in the post as soon as i can..

yaarukku vaangi kuduppeenga??

so true!!

Fathima said...

Tagged u in my blog

Vinesh said...

Liked the friend one :-)

~phobiac~ said...

oh sure....they hafta....but not many would take it the right sense.....may even cauze the F'ship to break ....

Ganesh said...

yes everyone has something to say
the only problem is nobody is there who wants to listen/lend a ear!!

Anoop Sundaram said...

swollen eyelids and sympathetic ear -- nice ones.... first one is what u never wanna see and second one is wht u always yearn to see

Jeevan said...

you have been tagged see my blog

IBH said...

good ones! I liked the friend one better!

tamilan said...

No smile is as beautiful as the one that struggles through tears.

monu said...

will put it soon


so true!i have seen that happening too!


i like that connection u have given between he two..i didnt think of it that way!

will reply soon


that was beautiful. ur own quote??

tamilan said...

no la, still a tubelight!
an anonymous quote :)