Friday, September 16, 2005

Morning Raaga...

Today morning I woke up to music of a different kind....

I got up late as usual and was lazing around with the newspaper , when fusion music of a very different kind hit my eardrums...

Gues what, I just heard "Secret of Success" (from boys) and "Vishnu Sahasranamam" playing simultaneously, and actually it was kind of nice. Concentrating a little bit more, I realised that two different people in their respective homes where playing the songs and since I live in flats, I could hear them all.

And then the fun started.The volume of "Secret of Success" went higher a bit followed by "Vishnu Sahasranamam". WOW! This was interesting. My dad and I noticed this little competition and laughed. It was fun, One after the other they were increasing the volumes of the songs till they were blaring. It was still music to my ears somehow..... There can be music in life's little conflicts, I beleive.

I figured out that it was radio mirchi in one of the houses and "Vishnu Sahasranamam" casette in the other. Alas! My fun stopped when the cassette reached its end leaving just a song from "Padayappa" playing very loudly!!


Prabu Karthik said...

gud one :)

Narayanan Venkitu said...

These are some funny moments in life when you live in I right.?

Very nice experience indeed.!!

monu said...


@Narayana Venkitu
yep! It was fun..the coexistence, when you live in small flats, it is almost like living in a joint family!

tamilan said...

neenga ennga keel athula kudi irunthiruntha nanray irunthirukkum!!! naanga chinna pasangala iruntha pothu pambaram vitaal complaint! odinaal idi idukuthunu complaint! kathadi vitaal pakathu veetu mama odu mela odathada enru adika varuvaru? understanding illatha neighbours ,what to do? atleast neengalavathu pakathu athu sound ellam rasikireergalay!!! ur neighbours are blessed!!!

dumbs said...

so which one were u guys rooting for?

Vinesh said...

This kind of mindless mixing is only passed off in the name of remix cassettes and fusion music these days :-(

monu said...

naangalum antha maathiri chinna vayasila kashta pattirukkom!

naanga oru sotai maama veedu nera maadila nondi vilayaaduvom..nalla kudhichu vilayaaduvom, avarukku sariyaana thalai veli varum...engala nallaa thittuvaar!

we were just having fun...

hey!they didnt mix, they tried to make the sounds audible above the one played by the neighbour..and i am no beethoven