Thursday, September 15, 2005

The "Sorry" mail

She smiled as the mail alert popped in her desktop.

"Would it be him..", she pondered, "It must be him", she smiled to herself with a certain air of confidence.
"I knew he would apologize. He always does, whether I am wrong or him , he always does...But only this time, I was correct, I knew i why should I be the first to contact?" She was silent only to the outside world, but there was a very confident voice speaking within her.
"Hmmm...So do i open the mail and see what he has to say? Hmm...What if has return receipts and knows somehow that i forgave him and hence opened his mail?? No, i will not respond to the mail alerts..Let him suffer for a day....then he will know ...."
Her self-discussion thus came to an end.There were many more pop-up mail alerts.She just smiled and chose to ignore them."How persistently he asks for sorry..thats what i like in him..."
It was evening and time for her to leave. "So what if he was wrong, poor thing, let me put in a reply , if he really wanted a sorry, he would still be sitting by waiting for a reply...."
And so she opened her inbox to see 12 automated messages staring at her as if to say, "everything has a limit!"


Anonymous said...

"To err is human to forgive is divine."

Prabu Karthik said...

automated messages?
ad. therinchirundha summa oru joke mail fwd pannirukalaam :D

Anoop Sundaram said...

"There is never a wrong time to do the right thing :-)"

Narayanan Venkitu said...

So, she learnt a lesson, about the rubber band.! Everything has a limit.! Wonder how the guy would have felt...what kind of experiences he would have had to say that finally.!

tamilan said...

even his computer has feelings sending sorry messages !!!

monu said...

would appreciate you leaving a name..


u r right..but which is the right thing??

@narayanan venkitu
hmm...shall i write something that i cook up on what the guy could say!

poga poga computerukku matum thaan feelings irukka pogudhu!