Wednesday, August 03, 2005


The entire day, he played that song
which was a chart topper
and seemed immmersed in its rhythm

And when all around him left for home,
he turned off that ear-sore of a song
to listen to his favourite one.......


Vinesh said...

I have tried to do that several times Monu, always gives me a headache..

Wonder how some people pretend they like things they don't. My emotions are always palpable from my face..

monu said...

same too wondering!!!

Ganesh said...

ha ha

monu said...


Somu said...

Hypocrisy... I did that when i was in college... Used to force myself into listening to chart toppers. I have 3 hrs of bus journey (to and fro) and I succumbed to peer pressure.

I took be a while to grow out of that and develop a taste of my own.

Nice one. Reflects reality !

Vivhyd said...

mmm.. tough to pretend too much somtimes.. nice one

AF said...

very difficult for me to pretend...

AF said...

Today how many posts ma.. i'm not able to keep up..
Your writings are great..


G3 said...

doesnt happen with me ... I hardly ever listen to new songs unless people told me they were good!

ada-paavi!!!! said...

engai pudhu post?
efunds illa romba velai vangarangala?

monu said...

yep, i know i succumb too...


thanks for that one!

me too..always the review decider...


had team lunch out..and work..lots of work!
anyways i put in a dumb post as u can see