Wednesday, August 03, 2005


She pushed herself too far
and in that mad rush,
she forgot to remember
that she had once loved doing it....


sukhanya said...

oh start and new one such situation..

As a matter of fact..anything new in life excites you and makes u push urself hard to achieve it and eventually you forget that you once liked it

havn the same tensions

Vinesh said...

True, and applicable to everything that I do :-(

monu said...

the point is when we are focussing on the end, we forget to enjoy the process!!

me sometimes..thats y i try to drive myself towards success..just try to give it my best shot!

AF said...

Very true.. sometimes the stress is so much.. that it overwhelmes us.

monu said...

i think it is how much we oush ourself...what do u think??!!

Vasundhara said...

This one is great Monu! Good going!

monu said...