Thursday, August 04, 2005


Questions i ask myself often:

  • Dude,where is my sense of humour!!
  • Where was my brain when i was supposed to have thought of that??
  • How did that get into the code, i didnt type it??!!!!!

Things i want to shout out:

  • hello, that conversation is so dumb and artificial.....doesn't anyone else in this table feel that way??!!!
  • Will you stop all that false praise.....???
  • Oh My GOD!!!

Coming Up......

The "etiquette-uninitiated" 's day out in five star hotel!!


Chaos said...

umm.. monu...

monu said...

dont call me dude!

tamilan said...

Decisions, decisions do boogle my mind,

some simplistic other's bewilder or beguile.

Certain dilemmas are like carnival rides

merry go rounds and roller coaster highs.

some special days my brain gravitates

filling with helium, I think I might faint.

Other times I'm numb and befuddled

laughing like a loon, lost and confused.

I wait...for white suits and strait jackets, too...

One thing is certain, I've learned through the years

every beginning will soon have an end.

Keeping my sense of humor has kept me a tad sane,

I have and I will survive anything...

-Mizzlady poetress

Vinesh said...

Monu, is there a premise for all this ranting??

monu said...

you should also start blogging

@vinesh mean back ground info??
that is coming got some work today!
so will update that one tomm...just a stop gap post!!

Chaos said...

u won't find a better dude than this misfit of a gal....

Ment to be taken in a lighter note... henceforth i'll call u only "DUDE".

monu said...


why me!!!!!

Chaos said...

coz u r u dude...

Fathima said...

Gayu, where is "Etiquette -uninitiated"? Waiting for it

monu said...



u wont beleive it..but i am just getting a head ache thanks to my work!!!!

will try to put that one some time...

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Believe are not alone.!

monu said...

thats nice to hear!

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