Wednesday, August 03, 2005


Fill in the following blank with Yes or No -

a)  ______ I don't have a BRAIN.

Who said English is easy? :)

PS: got that as a forward.....


ioiio said...

Look at a mirror u said "I dont have a brain"

Ur question said "English is easy"

ioiio said...

Shud have read.. Looking at a Mirror, U said "I dont have a brain"

Why do u have to look at a mirror to say that.. Thats Bcoz I think " u dont have a brain"


ioiio said...

Oh Yes no vaaa.. Fill in the blanksnu nenaichen..

[N]Ohhhh I dont have a brain

monu said...


en budhikku onnum vilangala!!
enna solla vara??

Kaps said...

Yes or No I don't have a brain.
I have done what you asked us to do.

monu said...


you have just made a factual statement
just kidding ofcourse!

ada-paavi!!!! said...

no i dont have a brain,

ada marwadi kitta adamanam vecchi than ennoda bulleta vanginen!!avan innoom konjam kasu enakku taranam

(u never said anything about adding extra stuff)

Somu said...

It does not say anything about punctuation or the order of the words... So here goes..

I don't know (no). Have a brain ?

monu said...

u r welcome to add extra stuff!
un moolaikku bullet vaangara alavukku entha dash-dash kaasu kuduthaan??

you dont know what??
i dont have a brain!!

ada-paavi!!!! said...

my brain is very valuable, his som got 95% using my brain u c! kindal pannethae!

monu said...

chumma thaan sonnen
ofcourse i see the value...

tamilan said...

Good brain teaser!!!

monu said...

me too liked that one..was a forward BTW

Vinesh said...


Yes, I don't have a brain! You forgot you borrowed it last week?

AF said...

after reading this, i have be telling this in my mind so many times. .