Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Miracle

The elbow punching, knee hitting, big-bag-pushing crowd
miraculously found space and parted
forming a path ...
for that heavily pregnant girl
in that crowded bus!


ada-paavi!!!! said...

idu bus illai, cinema theatre than, when thalais movie is releasin!!

monu said...

sondha anubhavam..saw that in the bus i was travelling yesterday morn...there wasnt space even for a pin and then suddenly people started finding space for the lady!!
which i thought was rather sweet!!

Fathima said...

ivlo courtesy irukkaaa? Really gr8! Adhaan innum naatla mazhai peiyudhu

ada-paavi!!!! said...

namba chennaiila? namba mudiyala,
mazhai peiaporathu!

monu said...

@fathima and vatsan..
nallavanga naatula irukkaanga!