Tuesday, August 02, 2005

My Second attempt at tamil scribbling!


Oru poiyyin vilai


The cost

The cost of one lie


Anonymous said...

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~phobiac~ said...

Trust... !!

jus like our salary....hard to earn...and easy to spend ....

monu said...

i like that comparison..aana enna intha maasam ponaa, adutha maasam varum salary..nambikkai pona varathukku romba time aagum!

vasanthi said...


monu said...

thanks vasanthi

ada-paavi!!!! said...

aaha u make me feel guilty!! gnayama?

cost of a lie is trust IFF the ppl know its a lie!! illati no problem!!

monu said...

therinju pochunna???
kashtam illa....eppoyaavudhu therinju dhaan aagum...thats life

viji said...

nambikkai oru poi ku kodukkara romba periya vilai aaidaadha?

ioiio said...

The cost of one visit - Comment

tamilan said...

Mooda Nambikkai???

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Enakku puriyaliyae.!!!
Vayasachunnu nenaikkiren.!

divyasurendiran said...

Well expressed!

monu said...

but isnt that true??
atleast i thought so!

that was real nice..neeyum priya kavi ayitta!

y mooda nambikkai??

@narayanan venkitu
enakku thaan ezhudha theriyala nu ninakkaren!!
i meant to say that trust can be very easily broken..for instance, if someone says a lie, but the other person beleives it and later learns that it was a is lost!!!!


Kaps said...

how true.

What about True Lies?

maybe u shd try to write longer ones

G3 said...

nice one man!

monu said...

true lies reminds me of arnie.....
:) too trying to write longer ones...