Wednesday, August 31, 2005

another wonderful opportunity to prove i am learned very well missed, thanks to laziness, low level of confidence.I did minimal preparation...i studied some stuff in bus on way to office amidst messaging people and speaking on phone....
I was praying that somehow, the wonderful thing called presentation got postponed .somehow!Ofcourse it didn't...murphy didn't make his laws for nothing!
so there i went and and blinked away and distorted my face like Jim Carrey whenever asked a question..a novice would have said i was unprepared!
I am gifted in the wonderful art of goofing up!!Where was fortune when God set out my horoscope??!!!!
Anyways, i Had a nice trip yesterday..loved the temple..came home nil prep!!
will reply to comments and put in a decent post later.Right off to prepare for tommorow's presentation...I dont want to compete with Jim Carrey tommorow too!


~phobiac~ said...

presentation-a ?....athukellam why do u Volunteer ??

appadiye chair la oru low profile maintain panna vendiyathuthaane !

Jeevan said...

Happy Blog Day Monu
What Presentation?

johnny boy said...

The case is the same everywhere. Presentations are meant for goof ups... Whenever higher ppl feel like havin a nice laugh/sleep, they ask one of us to take a presentation... simple as that.. :)
And boy, do we oblige! We meet their expectations so very well... hehe .. part of life, jus the way u look at things.. :)

monu said...

yaaru volunteer pannina?
ellam reverse presentation to see how well i have grasped the new project i might get to work on!

i had to present on a new project..

@johnny boy
yep.i gues..i wokrd and have a much better hope tommorow would be better!

Ganesh said...

Good luck monu
few tips

1)Try to do a mock presentation at home with imaginary audience
if possible record it using tape recorder. (play it back will help you correct mistakes)
2)be there early before others make sure the slide and monitor are in order
3)take few deep breaths that will relax you
and then present it with confidence
body language is equally important be straight dont look down rather look at the audience. You need the connection.

Romba overa porennu nainakaren
good luck
God bless

monu said...

that was so sweet of u!
useful info

Anonymous said...

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