Wednesday, August 31, 2005

I complete one year of work today!
Tommorow i start yet another year at work and my organisation.
It is not just another is my first year as a financially productive person..(that just popped into my head :D )

So what has work taught me?

  • There is so much more to learn here than from books or through degrees or exams. I learn to appreciate things i learnt here..simply by applying them and figuring out that this is where it should be applied
  • Financial independance can be so good!
  • To behave professionally, come out of the college mentality, that is.
  • To prioritise, time management
  • People Skills, working as a team
  • I found a lot of friends here too
  • Blogging since May

This was the first company in my college..i still remeber every word from my interview, the joy on hearing my name announced as selected( i always wondered if anyone would give me a job!!), four months leave waiting to join work and then september first 2004.

I can never forget the first day was great fun..we had a great time with the soft skills training and a trip too (which was a part of the soft skills training), the technical training where i developed some technical skills ( didn't know what was PL/SQL before. i have even done detailed design now..)

And the intial weekends after joining work where all the freshers would go for movies....

GEtting into a team, doing my first billable work, knowing that i am bringing some moolah to my organisation..

The first salary, giving it to parents, first lunch at residency with all the freshers!!

to celebrate one succesfull year in this organisation, we (our fresher batch) are all planning to have lunch together in our office cafeteria...

And last but not least, i may be promoted to Software engineer from being a trainee...not sure of that fingers corssed!



vasanthi said...


ada-paavi!!!! said...

ull also realise one yr in 1 company is an achievement too esp in the IT industry,
naan vettila okkandae financially productivea irukka mudiyumae, no boss, no team, no deadlines, adu dhan en velai,

Jeevan said...

Congratulation Monu.
It’s really a milestone; it is not easy to continue in 1 company for a year.

johnny boy said...

Congrats Gayathri...
Join the club ;) Yeah i remember my first few days here too.. Training was real fun! Kind of an extension of college life :-)
"Financial independance can be so good!" -> Nail on the head !!!

Kaps said...

Congrats! Surviving the first year is very difficult.

IBH said...

hey congratulations!and that calls for a celebration!so treat?:)

jac said...

I will also be waiting to hear your good news. Congrats for that one year completed.

Chaos said...

Congrats on clearing ur survivor endurance test.

Jayan said...

So there is going to be a 9/1 tragedy too ??? :)

monu said...


i know u have a point there.
Not many people stay for long..lazy ones like me do i suppose!

Thanks a lot!

@johnny boy
congrats to u too!

hmm..i agree..there are just way too many changes between college life and work life!!!

seri madras vaanga, tharen!


it was indeed tough to put up with u!

it has alreadsy happened...
so when did u join work?

Arun Mani said...

hi gaya, wish u long association with the company with good growth... hmmm i've never been with a company for 1 yr. i have been working with 6 companies in 3 yrs..!

G3 said...

Hey monu ... congrats. thats awesome.

thennavan said...

Monu, Congratulations on both the completion of the first year and the first promotion. Looks like you are going to have more company from the blogging world (joining your company). I already know some of your coworkers now, having talked to them on the phone :-)

monu said...

@arun mani
some lazy people like me stay!


i know them too...
we can hav a bloggers meet within our org then!

AF said...

Congrats... and enjoy it.. these days will never come back...

But one contradiction to this thought: There is so much more to learn here than from books or through degrees or exams. I learn to appreciate things i learnt here..simply by applying them and figuring out that this is where it should be applied

Its because you learnt from the books and got a degree did you get this job, please don't forget that. Education is precious.

keerthi said...

yo Monu.. congratulations on that..

Sodex Ho Vaangiyaacha !!