Monday, August 29, 2005

The magical moment!

"Where is my candy floss love story?", she would often wonder, sitting alone when no worries were haunting her.

She had grown up on a good dose of romance, in the novels, movies and all.....
It wasn't too long back, when she sat by the window in her parents' house, looking out, and dreaming of the knight in shining armour,the prince charming on the white horse and that magical moment when she would find out she was in love with him..............

But that was not to be...He had come to see her that day with his parents. It was going to be an arranged marriage. Just why didn't her parents wait till that magical moment when she would fall in love???

She vividly remembered him staring hard at the ceramic tiles...and all her dreams went up in smoke!

She remembered the first few days, he would come home with a cauliflower...
"It doesn't have i got them....i love gobi manchurian..."
Doesn't he know of the non-edible flowers like rose for instance, she thought and sighed!He only laughed, when she spoke about how non-romantic it was to buy cauliflowers for his newly wedded wife.

Her magical moment was just a dream.....and would always remain so!

Just then one day, he took her along to visit an old relative who was sick!What a wonderful way to spend the weekend together, she thought.
On the way, he again got some fruits and cauliflower in the railway station.It was a ritual, he always did that when he went to visit people.....

She stopped him for a minute on seeing that colourful weighing machine, with those lights blinking away merrily and the wheels rotating reminding her of all those flashback scenes in old was an inviting sight, and she wanted to break free of the mundane..and so she walked up to the weighing machine and stood on it , fumbling in her handbag for change.

"Wait!",He smiled and handed the one rupee coin.In her enthusiasm, she inserted the coin even before the wheel stopped rotating."Not before the wheel stops!", he said, but she had already inserted...He gave a one little stare.

She thought she wouldn't get to know her weight..but there it was the little yellow card with her weight on it. 58 Kgs, it seemed to be screaming at her.

She handed it to him, without so much as a second glance. He seemed to staring at it for way too what?she thought, He has even begun researching a small yellow card with her weight printed over it!!

He smiled and handed it to her,"Turn it around and see what's printed on back of it"

It was only then she realised that there would be one little prediction at the back of the card.Way back, when she was a kid, she remembered being eager to see what was the prediction, rather than her that was what he was referring..she thought and took the card from him..
and before she could read it, he said, "you know what? I think the prediction is right!!!"
"You are an angel who brings smile and love into the life of an ordianry man!"-said the card.
She looked up at him and smiled a shy he thought she was an angel.....
PS: I know that was the worst story you ever read, with typos and all..but do remember i wrote it amidst work.....and me off to kalahasti will ba back on wednesday, when work calls me with a presentation to make....busy busy me..poor me


Prabu Karthik said...

idhu dhaan nidharasanam. koncham lighta enakkey advice pannina madhiri irundhadhu

happy tour to kalahasthi

jac said...

Better luck next time :):):)

Vivhyd said...

monu.. nice one I thght.. good gng.. c ya arnd

Kay said...

Nice one i liked it

ada-paavi!!!! said...

monu enna sondha hopes ellam base panni kadahaia??
idukku dhaan sollarathu romba mills and boon ellam padika kudathunu,
anga all the marriage hopefuls ku advicea??(may inc u? ;D)

Kaps said...

is this your longest post?

Jayan said...

reminds me of this joke :

'My wife is an angel', he said.
'You are lucky. Mine is still alive', I replied.

Chaos said...

I keep wondering from where you keep getting inspiration for such posts.

vasanthi said...

Dont worry yours will be a love marriage

Ganesh said...

not bad,
better to fall in love after marriage than b4 marriage. he!he!

johnny boy said...

I know these stories are nothing but your imagination, taking flight.... All that is fine, but how in the world did u get this 'cauliflower' mania in your head, to include it in your story??? :-) I keep wondering... :)

AF said...

Monu, very well written. I can relate a lot to it....

monu said...


@johnny boy
just like that i suppose....

thanks for the not bad!
that was encouraging...

thanks for that special wish!

u into psychology???
i wonder about the origin of your romantic writings too!

but then if she was so bad and died, wont she be a ghost..i mean pei..rather than an angel??

good joke anyways!

i think so!

advice ellaam naan eppady kudukka mudiyum..naan karthaala kadhai ezhudhanam nu vandhunde irundhadhu..apparam edho mudikkanam nu kadhai ya mudichen!



hope to improve

naan ellaam ungalukkellaam eppady advice panna mudiyum???
chumma etho kathai ezhuthanam nu aarambichen...adhu ippady mudindhuchu

Chaos said...

simple .. i used to get inspiration thinking abt a single person who was perfection exemplified.

tamilan said...

good one

Maybe he never had sisters!!!