Friday, July 01, 2005

To my Parents....

to my father who never preached
but showed by example
to my mother, for her soft care
and her internal strngth

to my father who showed me faith
by teaching me to elevate a stone
to the status of god with my faith in it...
and my mom who hads loads of faith in me

to both my parents
who have so much resilience in them
to carry on with their conscience's voice..
I here, am a mini image of you...

And i want to thank you!



ioiio said...

enna kekka pora.. ivlo ice vechi irukkey

Sriram said...

Parent's wedding anniversary or something?

Ooi, and btw, put in your e-mail address or something.. have somethings to say to you on a personal basis. if you may, you can mail me (mail ID in my profile.)

monu said...

chumma thaan..
unakku enna kadaichudhu..atha sollu muthalla?unnoda appa posta paathu...


i will mail you

Kaps said...

Nice one Monu....after reading this I just realized that today is my parents wedding anniversary (I had totally forgotten about it earlier).

monu said...


My wishes to your parents.. my parents just had their 25th wedding anniversary sometime back!

ada-paavi!!!! said...

iceikku enga orula innoru peru irukku, langamnu solluvom, edhkku langam?? anniyan is watching,
iduku garuda puranam illa enna thandanai teriyuma??
wait panni nan poittu anniyan vandu onnakku anda thandanai a kudupan!!
nice post though,

monu said...


ada paavi..lanjam illa idhu...paasam