Friday, July 01, 2005

Notebook Scribblings Part XIII

An Ode to my friend

As i reflect upon
all those past days
shadows by my side
slowly run along the walls

the light rays move
and shadows become dimmer
and slowly they drift apart
into an abyss of darkness

my friend, i can think
of what grief could be
of how things changed
as rapidly as breaking glass

how life must have been sunny
and suddenly it became night
how it was all rainy
until one day, there wasn't a drop

how dreamy were your eyes
as you looked into future
and happy you seemed
with everything that was right

you were the epitome
people looked upto you
Oh! How your eyes gleamed
for your every little achievement

like every other mortal
how you shaped
the bricks of your dreams
slowly going onto build a castle

but like all mortals
no one knew
what life had in store
things simply change

for change had come
for then, you ceased to succeed
things simply changed
your dream castle fell apart

and i now know
how difficult it would have been
to confront failure
to pity your own self

for today, i too have faced
what everyone does
what everyone fears-

and so i know
how easy it is ,
to point a finger, to blame
and how difficult to accept..

How all can laugh at others
but no one can share
and i cry...not for me
but for the thought of you

my it is past
you have survived failure
when facing people becomes difficult
and again, I see those dreamy eyes

I can just think of all that
you had been through
of your pains and tears
which melted into darkness

things change so much
Oh!what not can failure do?
I have been though it
and i pains the most.

The thought of you
fills a sort of pride
but also a guilt for not
sharing your pain

you are a nameless fighter
to the world..
yours is no great achievement
Still, I know what you have done

You have survived
You have metamorphosized
and this is an ode
for you humble achievement..



virumandi said...

what can i say...this post was impeccable. we come across such people all the time..we make fun of them..or point finger at their inadequacies..but never have we thought this way (i meant the way that u have written)..good a entirely new view point!!

ioiio said...

nee ode'nu sonna oditten..enga odanumnu sollale.. adhaan kettuttu polaamnu vandhen

monu said...


that was a personal experience..for my friend..
the thing i meant to say was that we see only the achievers..we have to give our due to the survivors

very funny..padichuttu odu pa...