Friday, July 01, 2005

Good Morning

Sorry about the previous post..
I took in your suggestion and removed it
I very much value your comments

I shouldn't have put it up..i just vented out my feelings in it..nothing else...
Sorry about it.....

But what did i learn from yesterday?
That i can vent out my feelings well even on a comp keyboard...I thought of myself to be a paper person..but no, now i can type directly..previously, it was paper and then keyboard..but now direct keyboard...

wish you all a happy day ahead..


ioiio said...

idhukkellaam daily oru postaaa

Good morning nu oru post
nalla lunchnu oru post
Good evening oru post..


monu said...


athu pazhaiya post delete pannathuku sorry post

Kaps said...

I am with IOIIO on this.

monu said...

but shouldn't i apologize for deleting your comments...
how else can i do it?

anyways point more dumb..i came..i sat..and workd..posts!


Kaps said...

Do read this when u hv time