Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Job Change

take 1

As greener pastures beckoned
and dry desert didn't hold out much hope
he put aside the loyalty in his heart
he decided to walk out of the comfort zone
and supress the little voice that said "miss you!"
and carried on.......

take 2

He might move on..
and some-one else may come...
and then move on...
but each and every place
that they had been
will have a story to say
in the form of the comments
amidst lines of code....


m. said...


johnny boy said...

Take 2 is cool :) Reminds me a lot of the projects i work on :)) Doing enhancements to someone's code is a HEADACHE !!!
God only knows what the guy had in mind, when he coded!! But we have to guess and find out :-)

johnny boy said...

Take 1 -> i am still tryin to figure out! :-) Who was that little voice ? His girlfriend?
aarrgghhh ..... conpushun ..

monu said...


@johnny boy

i thought it was his won voice saying good bye to the building, the poeple, the memories and saying "miss you".....

atleast thats what i intended to say!

ada-paavi!!!! said...

ne velaia a vittutia? vera companyku poiittia?

monu said...


naan vera company ku pogalai..
vera yaaro ponaanga!

reetuashwin said...

yeah i understood what tht miss u meant..,lines of code & comments---nostalgic sweet poem...So Gaya ...U r that Monu.....I have read comments from u in divi's journal..and wondered who..:)

monu said...


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