Wednesday, July 13, 2005

He thought....She thought..

He trusted her so much
He would never get jealous
if another guy spoke with her

She thought that he didn't think
any other guy would like her face...
and thats why he never got jealous!!


Chaos said...

LOL ..

But I have a mapping for you.

He <-> She
him/his <-> her
guy -> gal


monu said...

hey sanju

i dont get you
expln pls!

Fathima said...

Gayu, sooooooooooooperrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

monu said...



Chaos said...

She trusted him so much
She would never get jealous
if another gal spoke with him

He thought that she didn't think
any other gal would like his face...
and thats why she never got jealous!!

Now did u understand?

monu said...


yes..very much!!

Iris said...

blame this on fathima:

He trusted her so much
Yet he always felt jealous
If another guy spoke with her

she thought that he thought
that someone else will like her face as much as he did …
and that’s why he always got jealous!!

monu said...


that was really nice....

Kary said...

Cool one! but this must apply to the gal too.

monu said...

open to interpretations

sharana said...

wow nice post!!!

divyasurendiran said...

nice one - think it will be true in a few cases . Wow monu, you do bring out the subtle, unmentioned stuff happening in everybody's life in your poems :)

monu said...



thanks a lot!

Anonymous said...



Jayan said...

This one, I'll probably use as a pheromone :)

This one brought a tear to my eye, I shud say ;-)

monu said...


whats a "pheromone"??

anyways, thanks

monu said...


y are u crying on reading my writing??
avalo kevalamaa??

Manoj said...

reminiscence of the past