Thursday, June 30, 2005

Why me?........... Posted by Hello


Fathima said...

Getting the urge to sit & cry like this.But will u put my foto in u'r blog?

ioiio said...

konde.. enna maadhiriye azhagaa irukkey

nin said...

you r too cute....This is the first time i am visiting your blog...nice posting..take care

ada-paavi!!!! said...

seri ennakku oru doubt, onnada team leader onna fire pannitara?? adu nana than nee 'why me'nu oru post potturakkai? the baby is methophorical. i am a student and till i leave india ill be vetti,

Chaos said...

It looks like you are finally running out of words to express yourself.


Now... what'll u do when u need words to fight with somebody ? :))

monu said...

hi all
thanks for your comments
i am having a tough day..srivatsan got it right..but i am not yet fired....i am still on my job..just ran into rough weather with you know who....
now back at loads to finish....
because i have a fault finding machine by my side!

Jayan said...

.. because u r unique ... like everyone else

monu said...



Kaps said...

kuzhandai azhudhudhunna woodwards gripe water kodukka sollu.

monu said...

nee kuzhandhaiaa irukkumbodhu adhudhaan kuduthaangala?

Fathima said...

Naan ketta kelvikku badhile Kaanom Gayu?

monu said...

oi fathima
un phtova poduven..definitaa poduven
enkitta ippo kooda un photo irukku ma..

Fathima said...

Chummaa Ketten. Andha thappellaam pannidaathe. Appuram ellaarum un bloga vittuttu yen blog pakkam vandhiruvaanga. Samaalikka mudiyaadhu :0)

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