Thursday, June 30, 2005

Wind-chimes and Ganesha Idol

to bring in a postive influence in her life
she bought wind-chimes and put them up
and a terracota ganesha idol to bring her good luck
but forgot to weed out negative thoughts from her mind!


rajesh said...

is it so easy to weed out negative thots?
how i wish it was..though!

monu said...

it is tough..but that is the core thing isn't it?

there are so many things poeple do outwardly ..wish they would look within..for that us where the problem lies...


ada-paavi!!!! said...

irukku, nalla irukku, eppadi oru naalillai ivalov post pannarai??

ada-paavi!!!! said...

ippo than unoda equality quote a padichen, remembered a amous quote on tha
'all men are equa, but some are more equal than others'

monu said...

"irukku, nalla irukku"
bond, james bond maadhiri pesareenga..
oru naalula evalo vettiyaa irukkeno..avalo post...

ada-paavi!!!! said...

nanum james bonda irrunda nalla irrukkum,
40 varashama avan sama figurengoda suthittu irrukkan!! annan nan srivatsan.

neenga velai pannindu vetti,
nan vela panamae vetti, nirandara vetti,

monu said...


veali irundhaa;um side la blog odindu irukkum..innikku konjam velai...

you are a student right..konja naalula neeyum romba busy ...


Aravind said...

True, if we searched ourselves most of the luck we need can be found inside us!!! BTW raapi, whatz the thrill in life if everything were to be easy!!!